Are You Expecting A Call From Somebody Who'll Need A Bail Bond?

13 November 2018
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

Did you just get the news that somebody you care for is in jail? Whether it's a good friend, one of your kids or anybody else, that's one of the last calls you want to receive, isn't it? Just so you'll be ready, here are some things that might help you to be prepared.

Your Part At The Bail Bond Company - If you've posted bail before for somebody, you already know what to expect. If not, just know that it's both simple, and yet a bit time-consuming. First of all, don't panic when you hear the amount of the bail that has been set. You more than likely won't have to pay that total amount. Instead, you'll pay a fraction of it.

Do you already know that, if the person in jail doesn't meet his or her bail requirements, you'll be responsible? That's something to think about before you fork over any money. Finding a bail bond business will probably be the easiest part of the process. There are more than likely several bail bond businesses very close to the jail in your town or city. 

Once you're in the bail bond facility, you will probably be treated professionally and courteously. You'll have lots of papers to fill out, including all your personal contact information, where you work and even the names of character references. You probably can't pay in cash or even with a check. Instead, you'll more than likely need to pay the bail with a money order. Then the wait begins.

The Offenders Part At The Bail Bond Company - Don't be in too big a hurry. Just because you posted the bail money doesn't mean that the offender will be walking out of jail. Instead, he or she might not get out for hours, and it might be in the wee hours of the morning. Who knows, maybe that will give the offender time to think about what he or she did to end up in the slammer in the first place?

After he or she is released, the offender you'll need to take him or her back to the bail bond facility and he or she will have to fill out forms very similar to yours, including names and contact information of several people that might be contacted if that becomes necessary. One of the things that the offender will learn is what will be in his or her probation or parole steps. 

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