Are You Giving Silver Coins To A Historian?

27 August 2018
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Do you have a family member or a friend who is passionate about history? If so, you may be considering giving him or her a history-based gift for a special occasion, perhaps an upcoming birthday, a congratulatory gift, or a Christmas gift. From buying silver coins to selecting a way to present them, here are some ideas that might help. Silver Coins - Have you ever been to a store that sells all kinds of coins? Read More 

How Grants And Scholarships Can Affect The American Opportunity Tax Credit

8 June 2018
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Many tax filers are able to claim an income tax credit because they, or their dependent, incurred college education expenses. The tax benefit is typically claimed only on out-of-pocket expenses since nontaxable grants and scholarships do not qualify for the credit. However, grants and scholarships can sometimes be included in taxable income, thereby freeing up that amount to be used toward an education tax credit. Terms of grants and scholarships Read More 

3 Tips For Speeding Up The Bonding Process

10 March 2018
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Discovering that a friend or family member has been arrested can be shocking. If the thought of your loved one spending time in jail gives you chills, then posting bail on his or her behalf can be a great course of action. Many people utilize the services of licensed bail bond agencies to help post bail. A bail bondsman gives you the ability to pay only a percentage of the total bail amount, making it more affordable to obtain your loved one's release. Read More 

Four Things That Affect Your Ability To Get Credit Cards (Besides Your Credit Score)

8 January 2018
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Some people are surprised when they apply for a credit card and are told that they cannot have one. They think (or they know) that their credit score is good, so why were they denied? Unfortunately, at the point of sale applications, retailers do not have access to this information.  When this happens to you, you are stuck waiting to find out why you were denied. College students are able to get an entire wallet full of credit cards, even without jobs. Read More 

2 Things To Do Before You File For Bankruptcy

15 November 2017
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If you are buried under a mountain of debts, and you don't see any way that you can possibly get out from under it, you may think about filing for bankruptcy. That way you can get some of your debts forgiven while getting others paid off. That will allow you to get out of debt and work on finally getting ahead. If you are going to file for bankruptcy, there are things that you are going to need to do first: Read More