Four Reasons Why Online Bill Pay Is Better Than The Merchant Website

18 June 2019
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Many people love the convenience of paying bills online. It's cheaper and faster than mailing them all out by hand. Many people sign up for numerous accounts to pay their bills online, but here are four reasons why using your bank's online bill pay service is an even better way to pay: You Avoid Additional Charges Many companies will tack on additional fees for paying online. These are sometimes a flat charge for using their website, or a percentage of the bill you're paying. Read More 

Breaking Down 3 Major Misconceptions About Bail Bonds

12 April 2019
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When it comes to bail bonds, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding how bail bonds actually work. Misconceptions can hold you back from actually accessing this important service, which is why it is important to break down these misconceptions so you are able to make use of the service should you need it. Misconception #1: Paying the Bail Bondsmen One of the first things people have misconceptions about is how they pay the bail bondsmen or bail bond company. Read More 

Personal Loan Types To Consider

30 January 2019
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If you need some money to pay down your credit cards or to ensure that your expenses are paid while you attend college, then a personal loan may be a good option for you, and there are a few different types of these loans that you can look at. If the common unsecured loan has an interest rate that is too high, then keep reading to learn about a few other types to look into. Read More 

Are You Expecting A Call From Somebody Who’ll Need A Bail Bond?

13 November 2018
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Did you just get the news that somebody you care for is in jail? Whether it's a good friend, one of your kids or anybody else, that's one of the last calls you want to receive, isn't it? Just so you'll be ready, here are some things that might help you to be prepared. Your Part At The Bail Bond Company - If you've posted bail before for somebody, you already know what to expect. Read More 

Are You Giving Silver Coins To A Historian?

27 August 2018
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Do you have a family member or a friend who is passionate about history? If so, you may be considering giving him or her a history-based gift for a special occasion, perhaps an upcoming birthday, a congratulatory gift, or a Christmas gift. From buying silver coins to selecting a way to present them, here are some ideas that might help. Silver Coins - Have you ever been to a store that sells all kinds of coins? Read More