3 Signs You Need Help from an Estate Sales Agency

25 April 2017
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

If you've never done it before, managing an estate sale can be overwhelming and stressful due to all the components that go into it. It isn't impossible to pull it off on your own, but if you relate to any of the following considerations, getting help from a professional estate sales agency is probably a good idea:

You Aren't Sure How to Price Your Stuff

You may have already had the antiques and other valuable items appraised, so you have an idea of what asking price to shoot for. But if you're unsure about pricing the other items such as furniture and artwork that are included in the estate sale, it's a good idea to work with an estate sales agency.

Not only will a reliable agency help you figure out a fair dollar value every item within the estate, but they can assist you with putting together packages that will allow buyers to buy multiple pieces of like-items together for one base price, which will usually save the buyer a little money and therefore encourage them to buy more.

Advertising Isn't Your Cup of Tea

In order to draw attention to your estate sale, you'll have to advertise it to the community so they know when, where, and how they can buy the items you need to get rid of. If you aren't sure how to advertise your estate sale or it isn't something you are motivated to do, consider hiring an estate sales agency to do all the marketing legwork for you.

They'll identify the best advertising avenues for your target market, whether its newspapers, magazines, or even radio, and manage campaigns for you that are designed to optimized buyer interest and drive people to your estate sale events.

You Need to Get Everything Sold Quickly

If you don't have a lot of time to get the estate items sold before big bills are due, or if you simple don't have the space to store everything for long, you'll need the help of a reliable estate planning agency to sell the stuff quickly.

Because these agencies specialize in estate sales, they've completed their fair share of them and understand how to do everything from pricing your items to entertaining buyers when they walk through the door to make an offer on something. They're experienced at getting estate items sold as quickly as possible, which is something that can be tough for someone who has never held an estate sale before.

If you can relate to any of the topics outlined here, it's worth checking out what a reliable estate sales agency like Remember When Estate Sales, LLC can do for you.