4 Tips For Utility Build-Outs When Involved In Commercial Property Leasing

27 July 2017
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

A build-out can be quite involved whenever you take over a new lease; after all, you need to make sure that the layout is suitable to your offices and that everything is designed to your taste. But a build-out also has another purpose: making sure that your utilities are appropriate for your organization. Here are four tips to making the most out of your utility build out.

1. Always Map Out the Outlets in Advance

Outlets are going to make a huge difference to the layout of your office, and sometimes they can be affected by something seemingly small, such as the location of your desks. Before you settle on outlet locations, make sure you have your furniture layout set as well -- the positioning can make a huge difference regarding whether the wiring of your offices are unobtrusive. Additional outlets can be placed and removed as part of a traditional build-out.

2. Test Internal Utility Services First

Many buildings today offer internal utility services, such as phones and Internet. But it's important not to take these for granted; run your own speed tests and stability tests before you commit. Though these services may be available, they may not be as functional as required.

3. Consider Requesting a Backup for Telecommunications

If you're going to be running a VoIP service (or if Internet is intrinsic to your business), you may want to request the wiring of an additional, secondary backup line. This line will be a failover line that is not as fast or as stable as your main line, but that will be able to be used in the event that your primary utilities failed. If the building does have an internal utility service, you may want to purchase your own service and use their internal service as your backup.

4. Don't Forget Your Server Room and Equipment

Your server room and equipment is likely going to take up a significant load, so you need to plan out where it's going to be beforehand. Not only will you need additional outlets in this space, but you'll also need to make sure that the circuit can take it and that there is a direct link to your data.

By planning for your utility build out ahead of time, you can avoid issues such as unsightly wires or having to run additional wires later on. This will save you money long-term, and you may be able to negotiate with the commercial leasing agency regarding the cost.