A Few Things To Consider When Looking At Diamonds For Sale

16 May 2017
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

If you have decided you are going to buy a diamond or a few of them, you have probably heard all about the 4 Cs or cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Unless you are trained to be able to inspect diamonds, you will have to go buy the certification of the stone. However, there are things you can consider when choosing the gem to ensure you get a stone that will fulfill its purpose. If you are buying loose stones, you need to consider why you are buying them. While the 4 Cs play into everything, there are other things to consider before going into them.

Reason for the Purchase

If you are going to buy the stones as an investment, of course, you want to buy those of the highest quality. Definitely look over the certification and perhaps even have a gemologist look at the stones for you as well. However, if you are buying the stones to be put in a piece of jewelry you may have different requirements; size may be the most important thing. You would not want to go with something big and heavy if you are putting it in earrings and a small stone in a necklace looks kind of silly. In addition, you should consider who will be the owner of the stone. If purchasing for yourself, you know what you would like to have while someone else may want something different. In other words, you may prefer to have a bigger stone of less quality while someone else may prefer to have a higher quality than a bigger stone.


No matter what the reason for the purchase, you need to stick within your budget. Determine how much you can spend and then decide whether to go with a larger quantity or size or to go with a better quality stone. In addition, make sure you understand how some cuts will cost you more than others. You may be able to buy a bigger, better quality stone if you go with a different cut. Only you can decide how much you can spend and whether to buy on credit or pay cash.

You can find diamonds for sale online, at jewelry stores, at department stores, or at pawn shops. No matter where you go to make the purchase, don't be hasty. Consider why you are buying, and then make sure what you are buying is certified. Contact a dealer, like Rocky Mountain Gold & Silver Exchange, for more help.